Why Choose H&F Logistics?

When we broker a load to a trusted partner trucking company, our dedication, responsiveness, and friendliness will be just as noticeable as if we were dealing with our largest client.

Whether you are a single owner-operator or the owner of a large fleet, H&F Logistics is eager to work together with you to help haul shipments all over the country. Download our packet now and begin hauling freight with H&F Logistics!

  • Available Freight - Think of the H&F Logisics sales force as an extension of your business, working hard to secure freight for you. Our dedication to keeping our partner carriers busy and happy has helped develop lasting business partnerships over the years. For these companies that have achieved Preferred Carrier status, H&F Logistics works to secure shipments specifically for their strongest lanes.
  • Service - If a driver has an unforeseen issue that needs urgent attention, our dispatchers are available for assistance 24/7/365. We know that delivering our load without issue is vital to your business, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our shipments go smoothly for everyone involved.
  • Payment Terms - H&F Logistics understands that payment terms are extremely crucial for all companies right now, so we ensure payment within 40 days of receiving the proof of delivery. If payment is needed sooner than that, please call us to ask about our Quick Pay program to have your payment expedited. H&F Logistics has an excellent credit rating, so call us today to check on our available loads.