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2 Hours of Protection Per Use

For years, the world has relied on a standard, alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

At best, these solutions provide 30 seconds of germ-killing action. You’re unprotected the second it evaporates, while your skin absorbs the extremely flammable chemical residue that’s left behind.

In the face of modern pathogens, 30 seconds of protection isn’t enough.

Thirty seconds of protection means that every single time you touch a surface with your hands, you either need to reapply or risk cross-contamination. It has not been possible to keep from spreading germs between uses.

Recommended use

ZT-PC is an Alginate Polymer based solution complex that is formulated for use with High Purity Ethanol Alcohol as the primary sterilant and Active Ingredient as a Hand Sanitizer with Enhanced Attributes.


Plant-based Ethanol CAS Number 64-17-5 (1000PPM)


• Store at room temperature
• Shelf Life: 36 months from Manufacturing date
• Period after opening: 3 months

Directions for use

• On clean and dry hands place a dose of product
• Thoroughly rub the entire surface of hands and wrists including nails and in-between fingers for at least 30 seconds
• Allow time to dry completely, do not rinse with water
• Supervise children under 6 years of age when using this product to prevent swallowing.

Precautions for use

• Do not swallow
• Do not mix with other products
• Always read the label and product information before use
• Dispose of contents and container into an approved waste disposal container
• Do not reuse packaging
• For further information refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Danger Statement

This Product Is formulated to minimize fire hazards and has enhanced properties to lower the flashpoint of alcohol below 70% concentration in ambient temperatures under the recommended storage conditions specified below. Regardless of the product’s enhanced attributes, all of the fire code regulations under the Class 3 rating must be followed.


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