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We Understand Global Supply Chains

Technology & Tracking

Here at H&F Logistics, we are constantly seeking more creative and efficient ways to serve our customers.
Our IT Department strives to stay up to date with the ever-changing technologies that are specific to the trucking industry, as well as such issues affecting all businesses. Read below to learn more about how H&F Logistics has the tools to provide you with the best service in the industry.

EDI Capable

EDI, which stands for Electronic Data Interchange, is the growing global trend to utilize electronic exchange of business documents and information. H&F Logistics has taken steps to ensure EDI capability in order to replace the faxing and mailing of paper when possible.

Studies have shown that this method of processing transactions is significantly more cost and time-efficient, thus allowing your staff to focus on your core business. Through the new interactive Customer Center of, all of the following processes will be available without the hassle and cost of paper.

Load Tender – Simply enter the essential pick up and delivery information in the “Create Load” field and H&F Logistics’s internal operating system will instantly be populated, thus notifying our operations team of a new load.

Shipment Status – H&F Logistics’ EDI capabilities combined with the exceptional communication between our dispatchers and our drivers means that following your freight across the country has never been easier. When dispatch receives the loaded call from our driver, that information will immediately be uploaded to our website. Similarly, the instant your freight is delivered, you are just a few clicks from getting the information you need.

Invoice – After a load is delivered, our customers now have the ability to upload POD’s and invoices from our website, or can also have them emailed to your Accounts Payable department. In addition, customers are able to view and manage their credit with H&F Logistics through the Customer Center.